I’ve been working on my cough so I can get clearance to go see that baby. He turned one month old on Tuesday, Nov. 28, his original due date.

At his doctor’s appointment Monday, he weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz., up from his 5-15 birth weight. He is now strong enough to scream all night. We remember his momma’s policy – If Adrian doesn’t sleep, nobody sleeps.

When Adrian was just a few days old, I took off a Thursday and kept her awake all day. The sleepy, cranky baby slept all night pretty well from then on.

Cain’s mother, Jennifer, took care of her grandson, Van, for a day intending to keep him awake. Nope, his actions said preemie babies can sleep anytime they wish… and he did.

Adrian said she gets lots of advice that kinda puts her in a bad mood: sleep when the baby sleeps. She said she tries but can’t go to sleep that fast.

I got a major endorsement Monday when the clinic called to say my lungs are clear of pneumonia and yeast infection. So why am I still coughing? The doctor told me Tuesday it is left over from my infections and should go away soon. I’ve had my cough for months. You’d think my family would have named it by now. Brandi McCollough suggested a pill to help.

– We’re going to work on a history of Wilkinson Pharmacy for you with Jerry and Jaxcene Bisner.

– I checked with Brandi and Kevin McCollough Tuesday and they said the files transfer from Wilkinson to Evans was “going.”

– My sister just texted me to call off the search for a neighbor’s cat. She said Nathan Taylor found his mom’s missing feline “way up in a tree.”

When Kimball and I took NAUI scuba diving lessons many moons ago in Shreveport, one of our instructors, Paul Oberle, was a captain in the Shreveport Fire Department. He said they were often called to retrieve a cat that was stuck in a tree. Paul said they always went, but he had never seen a cat skeleton hanging in a tree. KL