I tried out the new digital X-ray at the hospital a few weeks ago. Just walked in, handed them my paperwork, grabbed a spot on the wall, zap and I was done. It told Dr. Casey I had pneumonia. He prescribed some pills that got me over that.

– At the grocery store Tuesday about noon, I was in the rapid checkout lane when a guy in line for the first register started talking to me calling me by name. He could likely see that I didn’t know him and he seemed to know all about me.

He told me his name was Steward, the oldest of the clan. In the parking lot I asked for the rest of his name, Bob. His wife is Doris.

Did I know where the Shellhorns lived? Yep. Did I know where Margie Fields lives? Yep, across the field from where Grandma Boultinghouse lived. He and his wife moved there years ago.

I think he said he was a cousin to Ernie. And he had to be related to Vi Steward, a lifelong friend of Mom.

I never resided in that community but visited there every Sunday after church.

While talking to Mr. Steward, I had to be careful that I didn’t get sidetracked by some character named Burris Rader who was running around with shopping carts. He did help me explain to my cashier why Kimball and I weren’t shopping together. It was deadline day and she sent me after lunch for her and Davis.

-Mary saw something kinda strange Monday evening. As she left the office about 5, a car going south on Main St. signaled a left hand turn. The guy in the passenger seat of the slow moving car, had his arm out the window holding a stringer of fish. Probably a good thing they kept moving because Mary said it was a pretty good stringer of fish. Just no place to carry them, she guessed.

You have hunters. You have fishermen. And you have opportunists.

One warm, sunshiny fall Saturday I went deer hunting in the Talledega (AL) National Forest. The only thing I saw about daylight was a red fox that managed to trot behind a tree just as I shot at him with my 30 inch barreled  30-30 Classic. On the way home, I stopped at a bridge over a body of clear water and caught several decent bass from under the bridge on a bass colored stick bait. Saw them all hit. I think I hauled them home in the trunk.

-Just how quick is a hiccup? The announcer was talking about a pro football player he said was quicker than that. Better be with that much beef headed your way with malicious intent.           KL