Saw a tow truck driver interviewed on a Springfield TV station the other morning after a freezing fog infected the roadways. He said that almost all of the vehicles he is called to tow are 4 WD or all wheel drive. He said people get over-confident not realizing that those vehicles may have better get up and go but aren’t a bit better on the whoa side of the equation.

Freezing fog. I don’t think I have heard that many times. I guess once would be too often at the wrong time.

– I waited for an hour to get the photo of Branco Construction starting to pour concrete for the addition to the school. I parked on the east side of Park and just waited while the crew got the nozzle on the big derrick ready to pump. Lacking anything else to do and afraid of what I’d miss if I left, I periodically snapped photos with my normal and my telephoto lens.

I dropped off the camera and lens and Kimball took them inside and downloaded. When I saw what she had picked, I told her, “I like the way you cropped it.”

She said, “You cropped it with the lens. I saw all the kids looking out the gym lobby windows and picked it.”

Coulda fooled me. I never saw the kids. I was just trying to frame the workers properly. I guess I took it with the long telephoto.

I’ve never really watched anyone pour concrete before. Wonder if they had to put some kind of freeze guard in the batter?

– I stayed up longer than I intended when the National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama went into overtime. If you saw it or if you heard about it, the first half belonged to Georgia with a 20-3 lead at the half. The Alabama coach, Nick Saban, made a move at halftime that left the announcers in shock – he replaced the quarterback with a freshman. Turned the game completely around. The freshman, with a mile long Hawaiian name, led Bama to a tie at the buzzer and in overtime threw a pass to win the National Championship. No matter your preference, you have to respect the coach and the quarterback.

– I interviewed Supt. Koca this morning about the new construction. I haven’t had a chance to write the article because we had to have a visit from our computer tech and friend, Dewey Hansen, to cure some ills on Mary’s computer. I didn’t help him much, I never do, but I had the backups he needed to do the computer surgery and restore Mary’s computer good as new.  Dewey was on his way back to KC in plenty of time to watch darkness set in at home. Mary happy. We happy.

– Kat, who we sent home with Mary thinking it was her cat, has become quite a nurse for Brad. She had to check out his stitches a couple of times. Then she bedded down on his lap for hours without moving – much better than his hospital treatment where they cut his throat then woke him up every little bit to see if he was sleeping OK. KL

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