Tuesday was one of those tramatic days that comes to every household with a new baby, separation. Van turned 11 weeks old on Jan. 13. Adrian will go back to work on next week, so she took him to daycare for the first time Tuesday. When Adrian picked him up at 11:30 because Baton Rouge was under a winter weather advisory, the day care lady (who had been carefully checked out) said Van was a little stressy as could be expected. Adrian said he recognized Momma and was glad to see her.

You probably remember going through that with us when we took Adrian and Davis to day care, put them on the school bus for kindergarten and watched them drive off to college. (That was probably the worst for me.) Or when you did that with yours.

– As I was interviewing Supt. Mark Koca last week about the construction progress, a question flitted across my mind and right on out the other ear. While I was working on the final version late the Tuesday evening, the thought came back and stayed. The next morning, I called the school and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Theresa Christian answered the phone so I asked her. “What direction will the new gym run?” Dr. Christian said the new gym will run north/south, just like the current high school gym.

-The other morning while I was delivering the Sun papers to Pete’s, Jackie Beaty told me he was in Wyoming in the summer and asked a local when the snow (which was visible in the distant mountains) melted. The local responded, “July first.”

“When does it come back?” Jackie said he asked.

“July second,” was the answer.

I can’t get Jackie to give me his early, early morning phone number. One Wednesday morning just as I was making my second delivery at Pete’s about 7 a.m., Jackie came in and said, “You’re late.”

I told him it was my second delivery. I make a super early delivery at Pete’s, Casey’s and Pitt Stop. I told Jackie, as I’ve told several who made a comment like that while I was making my second delivery at one of those spots, “Give your phone number and I’ll call to let you know the Sun is available.” I’ve never had a taker.

– I skipped the school board meeting last Thursday night. In fact, I called Darrell Eason to ask if they were going to meet with the freezing stuff coming down. He said he’d let me know if they called it off.

Before meeting time, Kimball was getting ready to go to the grocery store and then on home. I asked if I should give her ride in my 4WD pickup or go to the meeting. She opted for me to go home so I gave her curb service at the store, then took her on home. Her car waited patiently (and dent free) in the back lot.

As I was coming to work that morning, I came out on Hwy. 82 off of County Line Road and turned a complete circle. I looked the Road 02 stop sign post over carefully because there was nothing I could do to keep from hitting it as far a I knew.  Fortunately, my tires found the south shoulder of Hwy. 82 and stopped my slow, but uncontrolled skid. I eased back down onto the gravel road then out onto Hwy. 82 again in 4WD. I “sped” on into town at 30 mph. Once I get going in four wheel  drive, I switch to two wheel drive because I can counter steer better if if the vehicle skids. Once I was going to Osceola on a Friday afternoon to pick up the court news. Hwy. 82 was awful so I was in four wheel drive. Just past Roscoe, my old red pickup skidded so I counter steered. I was absolutely all over the highway and wound up on the north backslope headed back toward home. That’s where I went.

-A few days of winter weather can make 100 ̊ in July sound pretty good. KL

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