The highlight of the Picnic for me was having Adrian home. Seemed just as natural as could be.

The cats loved it. Bella was her cat first in Shreveport before Adrian had a dog. Caddeaux already knew her from a previous visit. They both spent every night in her room. Sunday night at bedtime Caddeaux was at the closed door to her room hollering unsuccessfully to be let in. He’s a floor sleeper and had a spot staked out on the north wall by her dresser.

Monday night, he was back in his spot on my side of the bed.

Sunday morning I got up at 5:20 and parked on Main St. by the north end of the Rock Wall to take photos of the trash in the Park. Kay Alexander had told me about it a year ago and called just before the Picnic to remind me as I had requested. It was worth my time.

Late Saturday night, I was talking to the Police Chief by the NE entrance to the Park while Kimball talked to Lana Wilson. The trash there was amazing. Some of it was gone the next morning, but most was still there. With the lawn chairs gone, it was all readily visible.

Then I found out that the Girl Scouts and their families, for the past several years, have picked up the trash the next morning after all four days of the Picnic.

I have yet to throw down a piece of trash at the Picnic anywhere. Why don’t you join me? Kim Cox, with the Girl Scouts said it was better this year. Keep it up.

– Yes, I enjoyed the Picnic despite the horrific heat. I have no idea how many acquaintances I saw. Notice I did not say “old acquaintances.”

I got to see a bunch of my Class of 64 mates at our get-together Saturday morning in the Chamber office. I had to have help recognizing a couple of them. They hadn’t changed, of course, I just didn’t have on the right glasses.

– Sunday morning it looked like the familiar downtown. During the Picnic, I ignore the buildings and just relate to the rides and booths.

Monday evening I got a shock when Sheriff Dwerlkotte told me the Springfield judge had overruled the jury verdict in the Deputy Matt Chism death. I called Prosecutor Ty Gaither who was also shocked but said he is barred by court rules from commenting about a judge. I got back with the sheriff who does not have those restrictions. Read both articles – the one from the prosecutor and my interview with the sheriff.

– Back to the Picnic. Loved seeing everyone. Hope you made it home safely. Look forward to seeing you next year.