Kimball, a dedicated crocus stalker, told me that she found a tiny yellow one Tuesday morning in our spring patch on the north side of our driveway. So spring has officially sprung. At least in St. Clair County. Our driveway is the county line.

– I’m going to venture into treacherous waters because it needs to be done. I was thinking this morning about what to discuss here with you this week and the first thing that came to mind was the teenagers in Florida. I feel for the high school kids in Florida who are desperately advocating gun control. They don’t know what they are asking. They just want to feel safe.

Let’s start the conversation here on what to do about the gun violence against soft targets – those where everybody is unarmed and everybody knows it. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but there are lots of smart people in this area and nationwide. I want to get the thought process started and see what develops.

You only have to look at cities with the strictest gun laws and the highest murder rates to see that gun restrictions don’t work.

I’m in favor of authorizing school staff to carry concealed weapons. There are gun choices that weigh a pound or less. Equip one with laser assisted sighting and you have a pistol that a person, with reasonable practice, can fire accurately. Load it with frangible bullets which eliminate ricochets. Issue long guns (like an AK 47) to school administrators. Those would have to be stored in a locked gun safe. Again, frangible bullets would be insurance against bullets over penetrating or ricocheting.

Only allow staff members who have taken and passed the required training and have school board approval to carry, but keep that list secret. Make it illegal for a staff member to remove their approved weapon from on their person while at school. You know a kid would find it in a drawer, a coat or where ever it is stored.

If and when we do authorize school staff to carry concealed weapons, should we post signs like, “Warning. School staff is armed”? I think so. That could serve as a deterrent. School shooters in the past have proven to be cowards. I think that even the threat of a gun on campus, would make would-be shooters think twice and decide against it. When Carl’s Gun Shop was in the country, he and Terry had a sign posted: These premises guarded three nights a week by Smith and Wesson. You figure out which three. I’ve been in more than one gun shop where employees openly carry guns. Nobody starts trouble there.

If you have an opinion and would like to weigh in, please send me an email at or post your opinion on the Sun’s contact page on our web site. Opinions carry more weight if you let us use your name, but we will not make that an absolute requirement.

I expect this conversation to go one for some time. We’ll publish your comments each week.

I bounced my ideas off Gordon Hutchinson, experienced gun writer who, for years, wrote The Shootist column for Louisiana Sportsman and lives in Baton Rouge. He replied, “Kenny…some school districts in Texas already authorize teachers (with conditions) to carry in the classrooms.”

“The solution is harden the targets. How many police stations, military bases, or even gun stores have been attacked.”

“Have solenoid-controlled doors with video observation—open when the kids are pouring into the schools in the morning, locked to outsiders the rest of the day unless admitted by school personnel.”

“Have armed staff that have been trained for emergencies.”

“Oh, you’ve hit on most of it, and the list goes on”.

“There is no ‘gun control’ solution, and those kids are buying into the socialist media solution.  The system works—when it does. In this case, it failed, but to correct what happened would infringe on everyone’s rights.” KL

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