The wind Thursday took its toll. Mary said that a gentleman in Woody’s Trailer Court was sitting at his desk when a tree blew down on his trailer pinning him. His cell phone was nearby so he was able to call for help. He went to a Joplin hospital with a cracked, not broken, back. He was supposed to be transferred back to CCMH Tuesday.

Gwen has a cell phone photo of a tree down on a house on North Main.

Mary said there was a steady line of loads of tree limbs going to the city landfill Friday and Saturday. She said the crew had to burn pretty well all day Friday just to keep up.

– It has been my privilege in the past week to attend some impressive performances. The Eastern Star ladies invited me to take photos of their presentation of the Lillian Sunderwirth scholarships. The young people who earned the scholarship are the cream of the crop, of course. I got an unexpected treat when Paula Gray got up to sing. Sounded a lot like Ann Murray or someone of that caliber.

– I got great news Saturday from Bulldog AD Mike Durnell that Lance Molz had won the 100 meter race in record time. He was the fastest of all high school runners that day. The officials later decided there was too much tail wind for it to be a new state record.

Coach Goatley told me he had only seen Lance run that fast once before – at a meet in Lamar. He said Lance was anchoring the 4 x 200 and got the baton about 42 meters behind. He caught the other kid and beat him by 15 meters.

I got to talk to Lance after the Track Awards. I hope you find it interesting. I did. KL

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