BAND EXCELS AT COMPETITION – Greetings from the Band World.

On Saturday, April 21, the Bulldog Band took 10 students to the Mid-America Music Festival on the campus of Pittsburg State University. The students have been working for the past three weeks to prepare for this festival! The students pretty much prepare their solos on their own, with guidance from Mr. White and Mrs. Sandra Stewart. We are proud of how hard they have worked, and about the amount courage it takes to stand in front of a judge and make music!

Congratulations to the students on their achievements.

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Joshua Haberle – French Horn

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Connor Goatley – Clarinet, Jake Cooper – Alto Saxophone, Ryan Griffin – Trumpet, Caitlyn Burchett – Flute, Blake Carnahan – Clarinet, Libby Toliver – Clarinet, Payton Green – Alto Saxophone, Kenli Rader – Trumpet and Christopher Woody – Euphonium