Bright Futures, USA is a non-profit organization that helps schools connect student needs with resources that already exist in the community. The organization provides a framework that brings together businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, and parent groups to partner them with schools to meet students’ basic needs, allowing students and teachers to focus on achieving success. The program also seeks to improve the culture of the school and promote students staying in school by fostering a community where education is valued and responsibility for student success is shared. The El Dorado Springs Bright Futures Chapter became an official member in January, 2015 with the completion of training for the Advisory Board. Since that time, the Advisory Board has worked with the school to meet student and family needs as well as look for ways to promote learning within the school. Activities that have been sponsored by Bright Futures are listed below, as well as a breakdown of needs met throughout the school year. The Advisory Board also wishes to thank the community partners who have been so instrumental in meeting these needs for our students and their families.

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   Needs Met:

Clothing and Shoes provided for over 40 students K-12

Family Needs – Clothes dryer for single parent family & clothing for family after a fire

Snack program for students who are in food crisis

Christmas Gifts for Homeless Students

   Monetary Donations:

$1,000 – Optimist Club

$100 – Nine Wonders Optimist Club

$800 – Fugate Motors – Christmas gifts for Homeless students and Donation to program in general

31 Bags and Money – Janelle Fugate and Clients – Christmas gifts for Homeless students


September, 2016 – Coffee & Donuts with the Community


Chamber of Commerce

Nine Wonders Optimist Club

Lion’s Club

Optimist Club

If you would more information about the Bright Futures program, contact Theresa Christian at 417-876-3112 or at

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