BULLDOG SCHOLAR BOWL TEAM TAKES 4TH – A Scholar Bowl team from El Dorado Springs competed in the Branson Freshmen/Sophomore Tournament on March 21. The team consisting of freshman James King and sophomores Wraith Leyva, Megan Griffin, Tevis Edmiston and Lydia Eason finished the night with a record of 3-1.  Out of 14 teams at the tournament, El Dorado Springs placed 4th and will receive a team trophy. The Bulldogs were beaten by first-place Nixa with a record of 4-0 as well as by two other 3-1 teams on points (Springfield Kickapoo and Branson.)

Out of 57 players, James King tied for 8th in overall scoring with 120 points.  Wraith Leyva tied for 12th with 90 points.  Megan Griffin tied for 20th place with 50 points scored.  James and Wraith will receive medals for their individual scores. The Bulldogs six-month long season will come to a close soon as we finish up by playing for the Conference Championship on March 28 and the District Championship on April 6.

Pictured are from left James King, Megan Griffin, Lydia Eason, Tevis Edmiston, and Wraith Leyva.

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