Please call the transportation office with any new enrollments or changes to your current bus stop needs.  You can reach us at 876-3339. Please allow at least one week for any route or stop changes.

Route #1 – Driver Jennifer Samborski

Route travels south on HH from Hwy 54, entering Virgil City area around 6:45 AM, then covering the southern roads near Virgil City on: Talley Bend, 3125, 1000, and 101.  Then north of Virgil area on 151 Road, Making stops along 800, and 700, then 500 to 201 Road and southwest town roads of  Carman, A, Jackson, and Hayden and Freeman Streets.

Route #2 – Driver Pamela Fletcher

Route will cover the roads surrounding the Montevallo area then traveling along the county line back to school.

Route #3 – Driver Gary Clark

Route will travel 54 Hwy to AA, then covering the roads north of Dedrick returning back to town along EE Hwy; will pick up a few stops on Spring Street before arriving at school.

Route #4 – Driver Brandi Bradley

Route will cover 32 Hwy south to Filley, then covering the roads north of Filley along 800 Road west of K Hwy, then north along 401 Rd, reaching 425 Rd at U Hwy, then west along U Hwy to 32 Hwy. When returning to town on 32 Hwy, route will cover the south east side of town between (Park St. / 32 Hwy) and (Carman Rd. / Hospital Rd.) with Christian Daycare.

Route #5 – Driver Colleen Farnsworth / Monitor Claudia Bishop

This route covers any and all areas of our district on a case by case assignment to accommodate the needs of our Special Education Department.  Contact this office and the Special Education office to review any needs.

Route #6 – Driver Jodie Stacy

Route will travel south on 97 covering the area south of Olympia then east of 97 on CC Hwy, returning northbound along the county road 425 to 32 Hwy, returning to town and making stops along Hwy 32.

Route #7 – Driver Randy Bland & Charles Dice

Route will cover areas on U Hwy as far out to our K Hwy border then returning north towards town covering the Hazel Dell area, before returning to the Fair Grounds area.  When arriving back in town, route will cover Allison Rd, and a few town stops near Summer St. and Joe Davis. 

***Notice this route may have a detour this year due to Bridge Closure***

Route #8 – Driver Charles Ross

Route will cover south of Cedar Springs on 39 Hwy to Blackjack and back on 54 Hwy

Route will cover afternoon stops of Jackson/Fields and Jackson/Marshall

Route #9 – Driver Natalie Roberts

Route goes west on Hwy 54 to our district line at the road side park. Then covers areas of Vernon County sound of 54, winding around county roads south on 2850 Rd, Old Town, Neosho, to Quantrill, and returning north along the HH Hwy (county line) to 500 Road bus will travel east to 101 Road, north on 101 Road to 54 Hwy and to school.

Route 10 – Driver Megan Melech

Route travels east on 54 Hwy to SE 601 Rd. then covers the area north of 54 Hwy from our east district line back to the Cedar Springs area, including stops along DD Hwy. When returning towards town on Hwy 54, route will turn south at the 501 Rd. to cover the road coming in on Airport Rd. 

Route 11 – Driver Vicki Molz

Route will cover our north side of our district along H Hwy including Highways O and Y in the Tiffin area.  Returning towards town along Hwy 82, then south at 275 Rd. and covering the northeast side of town making stops along Kirkpatrick St. and also on Broadway between (Kirkpatrick and Park).

Route #12 – Driver   Kimberly Bierwagen

Route will cover the most northeastern area of our district including areas in St. Clair County, east of Tiffin, including SW300 Rd, Hwy OO, SW525 Rd., areas on Hwy DD between SW600 and SW800rd., then winding back towards town reaching 601 Rd, and 150 Rd (Lakehill), then covering the northeast side of town including stops along Gentry-Vernon-and Thompson Roads.

Route #13 – Driver Scott Roe

Route will pick up on 54 Hwy to just east of sulfur springs, and Militia Road, back to town covering the northwest side of town, running First Street and High Street.

Route #14 – Driver Shelyna Hughes

Route will travel 82 Hwy to Foust Corner.  West at Foust Corner and back to 82 Hwy, at 82 Hwy route will travel south to Hainline Street.  Route will go west on Hainline to Jackson, south on Jackson to Fields and to school.

Vo-Tech Route – Lee Cox


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