March 4,  was a great day for our choir program. We traveled along with the band to Stockton high school for district solo and ensemble.

Our students put in a lot of hours before and after school preparing for this and the hard work paid off.

All students who received an exemplary rating will be moving on to the State Contest in Columbia. The results are as follows:

Satisfactory – Aiden Hunt, Samantha Cox, Kaleb Raff

Outstanding – Natalie Redburn, Hailey Fast, Brenna Dipman, Bella Rosa- Brenna Dipman, Sarah King, Samantha Cox, Aiden Hunt, Megan Griffin, Harmony Randolph, Chandler Chamberland, Brock Kirbey, Hunter Jacobs, Mya White-Briscoe, Ethan Roberts, Ambrosia Nations, Abby Cartwright

Exemplary – Harmony Randolph, Amanda Dingerson, Brooke Murdock, Taryn Dipman, Sarah King

Mixed Quartet – Hunter Jacobs, Brock Kirbey, Sarah King, Brenna Dipman