El Dorado Christian High School Honor Society welcomed new member; junior Olivia Bryson (front row, 2nd from the right) during a candle lighting ceremony on Wednesday afternoon Dec. 8. Olivia was surrounded by 2022 ECS seniors who were celebrated and awarded with an ECHS Honor Society 2021 pin and Senior Honor Cord which will adorn their graduation gown in May.

Honor Society Advisor, Principal Kelly Bryson greeted students and guests; Mrs. Krystal Wyant opened with prayer; followed by senior Brenton LeeMasters who led pledges.  Mrs. Bryson, Mrs. Krystal Wyant, Mrs. Becky LeeMasters, and Mrs. Darla Daniel, shared the importance of Scholarship, Christian Character, Leadership, and Faithful Service as a new member.  Olivia Bryson received an ECHS Honor Society pin and case from Principal Bryson, and was introduced as a 2021 member of the ECHS Honor Society. Pictured, beginning in the front row: Senior Honor Cord Recipients; Brenton LeeMasters, Deonsay McNeill, and Juliet Kama. Next to Juliet is 2021 ECHS Honor Society Inductee, Olivia Bryson and ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson. Back row: Senior Honor Cord Recipient, Eli Daniel, Mrs. Darla Daniel, Mrs. Krystal Wyant and Mrs. Becky LeeMasters. Congratulations to Olivia and the 2022 Senior Honor Cord Recipients.