May 17, was perfect; a beautiful sun setting, cool breeze and seven graduates that could light up a room. The 2021-2022 ECS eighth grade class was laughing, talking about their last day at school and getting ready. Ready to graduate; ready to turn the page to “the next chapter.” Walking quietly around the corner at the Church of God (Holiness), you could see ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson adjusting caps; straighten ties and sharing her love with each one of the eighth graders. Mrs. Bryson was reassuring them, saying how proud she was and sharing memories of the school year. As the 7 o’clock hour approached, they were huddled around her as she was saying a prayer for them.
Music playing, the seven students dressed in blue and gold entered and took their seats on stage. Mrs. Bryson welcomed the crowd and opened with prayer. After introducing the ECS Board members, Principal Bryson proceeded to share the Eighth Grade biographies, memories and favorite Bible Characters. She continued, “Each of your peers in high school, wanted to welcome you and share a few things that will help you as you enter into your Freshman year: always keep an open mind…take notes, even when you don’t think it’s worth it; it is!…ask questions, a lot of questions…maybe leave the drama at home…pray before your tests…know we are a family that loves you…always, always, ALWAYS ask God to guide you, be with you and know He is forever by your side…” The eighth grade class was touched by the sincere words which were shared in their honor.
Following a slideshow presentation; El Dorado Christian School Board President, Mr. Randy Bland, presented each graduate with their diploma; Principal Kelly Bryson congratulated her students, giving them a flower, and moving their 2022 gold tassel from the right to the left, presenting them as graduates and incoming ECS Freshmen! The closing prayer for the evening was given by, Pastor Craig Johnson. Pictured; the 2022 Eighth Grade Graduates; (l-r); ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson, Rowan Johnson, Madison Shipp, Cherokee Fogle, Camren Reasoner, Kaydince Kindle, Meadow Ash and Avery Keith. God bless you 2022 graduates; Your ECS Family loves you.

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