The journalism program at El Dorado Springs High School doesn’t stop just because it’s summer. Students worked during the first few weeks of summer to finish the High School yearbook and to edit the Middle School yearbook.

Editors met with their sponsor, Mrs. Amber Francis, and Josten’s representative, Jeff Jasper, several times throughout the summer to hash out details for the upcoming year.

During the week of the Picnic, seven students gave up sleeping in and lounging on the couch all day to dedicate a week to the upcoming yearbook. Editor Kayla Collins (Junior) led the group through selecting a theme, colors and fonts which will bring the book together. Artist Amanda Wise (Junior) began working on the cover art and art that will be featured throughout the book. Staff members Courtney Templin (Junior), Riley Jefferies (Sophomore), Corbie Bryant (Sophomore) and Gabby Sieleman (Freshman) collaborated to create exciting sections and page layouts.

On Thursday, July 21, the group headed down to Parkview High School in Springfield, to attend the summer Josten’s workshop. There, they met with a professional artist who began work on the background of their cover and they finalized all details of the yearbook. They jumped into this yearbook feet first and are prepared to tackle this huge project this year.

The following week, July 25-29, the Canine Courier staff headed to the classroom to begin work on their back to school issue. This issue will preview sports, show snapshots from the Picnic, and cover other things important to our student body. Editor Brooke Redburn (Senior) led the group through this project, and staff members Katahn Cooper (Senior), Skyler Baldwin (Senior), Kenzie Bardwell (Senior), KaLynn Perrodin (Senior), Sadie Hunter (Senior), and Kris Rodgers (Senior) completed this project in just a few days – without a single person being on campus. Students had to contact coaches, teachers, sponsors, students and gather data to create this issue.

I am impressed by their dedication and skills. I know that this year will produce amazing issues of the Canine Courier.

Students will return to school on Aug. 17. At this time, we will begin visiting businesses to help cover the cost of printing our publications. Newspapers are free to our students and Yearbooks start at just $35. Keeping the prices low for our students is our goal – and without your support, we would be unable to do that. Thank you for supporting us in the past, and be prepared for students to visit you for an ad in our publications.

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