by Lauren Crowell, 11

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, the Bulldog Band took students to the SWMMEA District Honor Band Auditions. Blake Carnahan, 12, Libby Toliver, 12 and Harmony Randolf, 12, all qualified to audition for the Missouri All-State Band in Colombia on Dec. 4. Libby Toliver is the 10th chair clarinet player. Harmony Randolf is the 13th chair clarinet player. Blake Carnahan is the 2nd chair bass clarinet player.

Libby Toliver, 12, says, “The auditions are super nerve racking because you can’t see the judges because they’re turned the other way. You can’t tell if they love or hate your performance. It’s a great learning experience and you make lots of friends. I was shocked that I placed higher than I have in the past but super glad with how I was placed for my last audition!”

The students will perform at 4:30 p.m. Jan, 8 at Joplin High School.

Photo by Lauren Crowell