Hello 2023-2024 El Dorado Christian School Students and Families!
The teachers and administrators have been praying for you as we’ve planned and prepared for this upcoming school year. This promises to be a great year where we expect God to do “exceedingly and abundantly more than all that we can ask or think”! Here are some highlights:
We have several amazing new teachers this year! Some course offerings will be an in-seat Dual Enrollment College Algebra, STEM Project elective, Weights, Sewing, World Cultures, Current Events, and Journalism, in addition to our usual high-quality core classes.
We now offer full-day 4-year-old Preschool classes!
This is the inaugural year of an ECS Soccer Team! Our boys have already begun practices, and our girls will play in the Spring.
We also still offer Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys and Girls Basketball, Track, and Golf.
We will have student worship time starting at 7:40 a.m. every school day. Our students also participate in chapel twice a month, small group time, and a student mentoring program called Buffalo Buddies.
We are kicking off our year with a Book Fair! It will available during Open House on Aug. 21, and during school hours Aug. 22 – 30.
Our teachers are busy with multiple Professional Development opportunities. We are striving to be the best we can be for our students.
We are excited for school to start back on August, 22, 2023! Please contact us if you have interest in enrollment or simply have questions.
For God’s Glory,
Krystal Wyant,
administrator El Dorado Christian School

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