ALEX O’BANION – was recognized as a finalist for agri-business.

KNOWLEDGE TEAM – Tevis Edmiston, Kraysen Leonard, Avery Schiereck and Lydia Eason took th in the state as a knowledge leadership development team.

FLORICULTURE TEAM – of Madison Whitaker, Tammy Melton, Amy Ford and Chance Koger took 7th in the state as the floriculture career development team.

AREA PROFICIENCY WINNERS – Madison Whitaker, Makenzie Melton, Glan VanBummel, Chance Koger and Chance Bettis with their area proficiency plaques.

11th IN STATE – The El Dorado Springs FFA Chapter was honored as the 11th in the state.

MAKENZIE MELTON  – took 3rd in the state in proficiency.

KRAYSEN LEONARD – took 4th in the state in Division 1 speaking.