National Fitness Award 4 cc

Twenty students from El Dorado Christian School were awarded the National Fitness Award on Wednesday, May 18. The President’s Challenge, “helps promote health, and helps students earn a Presidential Youth Fitness Award. A student who scores in the Healthy Fitness Zone® (HFZ) in at least five test categories of the FITNESSGRAM® assessment is eligible to receive the Presidential Youth Fitness Award.” The following students received the National Award: Pictured with Physical Education teacher, Mr. Wendell Daniel, are (front row, from left) Camren Reasoner, Kane Caldwell, Koal Caldwell, Hayden Camberos and Sophia Bryson; (row two) Emily Redburn, Lily George, Christian Steuck, Morgan Nikodim and India Gallette; (row three) Brenton LeeMasters, Isabelle Bryson, Milana Gallette, Charity Middleton, Olivia Bryson and Hunter Malensek; (top row) Mr. Daniel, Josiah Batson, Jordanne Steuck, Brayden Housh and Noah Marsh.