by Dylan Rodgers, 9 and Mrs. Francis

The Greenhand Conference is for new FFA members who are typically freshmen. This year, every new FFA student attended the conference, which has never happened before. Dillon Hargrove, 12 and Carolyn Huff, 12 are Area 9 officers, and they organized the conference for the greenhands.

“We had to set up workshops to teach the kids about what leadership is. My workshop was where we talked to them individually about the different types of contest teams, how they can be involved this spring, and we shared our personal experiences. We also did a skit at the end where we talked about personal growth, leadership. I hope the freshmen learned how to get involved in their chapter. When I went to the conference my freshman year, I thought it was so cool to hang out with area officers. Ever since then I’ve strived to be one, and now that I’m filling those shoes, I’m taking the experience seriously,” said Dillon Hargrove.

The conference was held at the Joplin high school on September 22. EHS Greenhands left school early that morning to learn more about FFA and to bond with the area officers and each other. When students arrived, they went into the auditorium to be divided into groups. Throughout the day, students learned line dances to break out at the Barnwarming Dances, learned about SAE opportunities and the opportunity to attend leadership conferences. Finally, students learned about their potential future in Ag and the careers they could hold. Students gained leadership skills by building relationships with FFA students in the area.

Blake Coleman, 9 said, “I learned about livestock opportunities with FFA. My favorite part of the Conference was getting to know new people.”