NOT A CROOK – The El Dorado Christian School Drama Department, directed by Mrs. Natalie Baker, performed, “Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook” on the evenings of April 25 through the 29.  The drama features, Junie B. Jones, a kindergartener who has lost her brand new mittens; a gift from her Grandpa Miller.  Junie B. believes that her mittens are not lost, but STOLEN!  She is on a mission to find out; who is the crook?   While trying to solve the mystery, Junie B. Jones finds a beautiful ink pen that writes in four different colors!  She decides on her journey… “finders keepers, losers weepers” is a good rule.  Will she keep the pen, or look for the owner? Then, to make matters worse, a fetching new boy named Warren is adding stress to her and her “bestest” friends, Lucille and Grace.  As Junie B. struggles to make a decision, she learns a life lesson about “finder’s keepers” and being herself!

The actors that bring the Junie B. Jones drama to life, begins with, ECS sophomore, Isabelle Bryson; Isabelle plays the role of Junie B. Jones with zest and charm. She has a natural way of reacting to each situation and portraying her feelings as such.  Miss Bryson shared self-confidence, excitement and energy with the audience each night.  The role was demanding and switches gears quickly, (as six-year-olds do) but Isabelle succeeded and “knocked it-out-of-the-park!

Junie B.’s two “bestest” friends, Lucille, (ECS sophomore, Abigail Reasoner) and Grace, (8th grader, Olivia Bryson) were swift and entertaining as they fought over the new boy, Warren.  The scenes with the two girls arguing were hysterical and one wondered how they both kept a straight face!

Portraying Junie B.’s boyfriend Ricardo, was 7th grader, Cannon Ash; ECS Freshmen, Brenton LeeMasters played Jim and the Principal, and 7th grader, Noah Bland as Grandpa Miller.  The honesty of Cannon’s role was refreshing and carefree, Brenton was hysterical portraying Junie B’s classmate Jim; quick witted and fast paced; then changing into his second role as a serious Principal.  Noah tied everything together with his portrayal of Grandpa Miller.  He played an important part discussing with Junie B, the real rule of Finder’s Keeper’s Loser’s Weepers.

Finishing up the cast was two relatable actors, the new kid, handsome Warren, and Mrs., played by ECS sophomore, Jordanne Steuck, and Junie B’s mom, secretary and Fluffy Pink Girl, played by freshman, Faith Shiver.  Both Faith and Jordanne were fast-paced, fast-changing, and should perhaps get a medal for their patience with Junie B.

The book, “Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook”, was written by author, Mrs. Barbara Park and play adaptation by Allison Gregory.

Pictured is, Lucille, (Abigail Reasoner, left), Jim, (Brenton LeeMasters, center) and Junie B. Jones, ( Isabelle Bryson, right).  “Junie B. is having her bestest friend, Lucille, check to see if her bald spot has grown back?  That is why, ‘My Mom makes me wear this bow!’”

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