THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM – If you look closely, you should be able to find, ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson, somewhere in the midst of her students.  She is once again, on a mission.  A mission to celebrate her “Demerit-Free” students of the quarter.   How was she going to top the Airplane Reward from 3rd quarter?  That reward was going to be tough to beat. As you lovingly look at those little angels, all sitting so quiet, so calm and collected…just wait, it is definitely calm waters before the storm.

Mrs. Bryson’s reward for the 4th quarter; 117 students, plus, 1 Principal, equals 118 cans of silly string.  The storm erupted with silly string, screams of laughter, smiles, some shrieking and tons of fun.  What an amazing “storm” reward.  Congratulations fourth quarter students, kindergarten through seniors.  Principal Bryson is so proud.  El Dorado Christian’s “Merit Rewards Program” identifies students who strive to be positive influences not only in their classrooms, but in everything they do at ECS.  The number of Merit Reward winners have increased every quarter since the program was implemented.  (Her arms raised high with excitement is 2nd grader, Chloe Conduff).

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