El Dorado Christian School held their Veteran’s Day assembly on Wednesday, Nov. 11,  in the ECS gymnasium.  Science teacher, Mrs. Krystal Wyant welcomed students and shared with them the meaning and reasons, “Why we honor our Veterans and celebrate Veteran’s Day.”  Tyler Kay, Brenton LeeMasters, and Eli Daniel led pledges, beginning with the American Flag, followed by the Christian Flag and the Bible.  ECS senior, Chad Murray, opened the celebration with prayer.  Mrs. Janet Swank, ECS English teacher, introduced sixth graders, Eleanor Blurton and John Pietersen, and also seventh grader, Rowan Johnson.   These ECS students wrote VFW Patriot’s Pen essays, entitled, “Is this the Country the Founders Envisioned?” Mrs. Wyant, along with ECS high school students,led the student body singing the National Anthem.  Mrs. Swank introduced, freshman, Jude Wyant, to read his Voice of Democracy, VFW essay entry.  Third grade teacher, Mrs. Jill Ash, read a Veteran’s Day Poem, entitled “Veteran’s Day”.  “We may not know each Veteran’s name…but we thank them…fighting for our freedom…while thinking of their red, white, and blue.”

ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson, purchased lapel pins for the entire student body, teachers and staff; at this time, each student was given their flag, and each wore them with pride, love, and honor…remembering our Veterans.  In closing, Mrs. Krystal Wyant asked that each grade, find a quiet place to gather together in a circle for prayer.  “We remember their sacrifices for our freedom, their honor for our country’s heritage…May God bless each and every Veteran.”   Pictured; l-r; Gregory Whetstone, Noah Bland, Cannon Ash, Joey Dodson, Jude Wyant, Mrs. Krystal Wyant, Juliet Kama, Chad Murray, Abigail Reasoner, Breann Reasoner, Hunter Malensek, Tyler Kay and Brenton LeeMasters.