The District recognizes that in order for students to be successful he/she must complete daily assignments and homework from classroom teachers.  If a student does not turn in his/her assignment he/she will receive a ZAP slip.  Once a student receives a ZAP slip he/she is assigned to a lunch detention that day if before lunch, or the next day, if after lunch.  If the student chooses not to complete the assignment by the next day’s class he/she will continue to remain in lunch detention.  Assignments worth is reduced 90-80-70-60 until the fifth day at which time the student is assigned a 1⁄2 day Saturday School if he/she has not taken the time to complete the assignment.  During the 1⁄2 day Saturday School the student will receive a list of all make-up work to be completed.  All offenses accumulate quarterly/per class and are as follows:

1st offense Lunch detention – Warning; note sent home to parent

2nd offense Lunch detention – 2nd Warning; note sent home to parent

3rd offense Lunch detention – 8th hour assigned; parent contacted by teacher

4th offense Lunch detention – 1⁄2 day Saturday School; parent contacted by principal

5th offense Lunch detention – Saturday School; parent contacted by principal