On April 5 the Track team traveled to Pittsburgh to compete at the track meet held at Pitt State University. Braylie went into the track meet with a goal in mind. She was determined to achieve her goal of breaking the 300 meter hurdles record which was 50.34 seconds. Braylie later went in and set the new record of 49.62 seconds.

I asked Braylie what she did this year to really improve her time on 300 meter hurdles, she said. “I worked harder in practice about staying at the beginning of the crowd even when jumping over the hurdles, so that when I am running I have the drive to stay up with everyone.”

Braylie has a very strong love for this sport. It helps her keep in great shape and is just something she overall enjoys.

I asked Braylie what made her want to do track, and what her favorite events are, and she said, “I like track because it keeps me in shape and gives me a drive to run. My favorite events are the 300 meter hurdles and the 4×400.”

Braylie still has so much time to once again improve her time, and maybe even break the record again!

Braylie experienced  some challenges, but overcame them as time went on. I asked her what those challenges were and she said, “Some challenges I had was doubting myself that I couldn’t do it, not having any confidence in myself, and thinking everyone is better than me.”

Braylie is an overall hardworking, dedicated, and determined athlete. She has a very bright future ahead of her.

by Tilar Witt, 9