The El Dorado Springs Track Teams traveled to Sherwood, Monday April 29 for the Ozark Highlands Conference Track Championships, after several reschedules due to storms. This made it a busy week with the District Track Meet in the same week on Saturday, May 4. The Bulldogs Boys and Girls teams were defending their team titles from last year.

Those that placed for the High School Girls were as follows: 100 m. Dash-Lainey Dody, 2nd, 100 m. hurdles-Kalen Post, 3rd and Brailey Steward, 5th, 200 m. Dash-McKinli Mays,1st, Neely Schaaf, 2nd and Lainey Dody, 3rd, 300 Hurdles-Brailey Steward, 2nd and Kalen Post,4th, 400 m. dash-Lainey Dody, 2nd, Neely Schaaf,3rd and Audrey Goatley,6th, 800 m. Run-McKinli Mays,1st, Tatum Quinlan,2nd and Christian Steuck,3rd, 1600 m. run-Audrey Goatley,1st, and Riley Lee,3rd, 3200 m. Run-Audrey Goatley-1st, Javelin-Christian Steuck,3rd, Triple Jump-McKinli Mays,2nd, Long Jump-Tatum Quinlan, 4th, High Jump-Kalen Post, 2nd, the 4 x 100 m. relay consisting of Kalen Post, Izzy Whitesell, Adrianna Young and Olivia Graves was 4th, the 4 x 200 m. Relay consisting of Lainey Dody, Brailey Steward, Tatum Quinlan and Neely Schaaf finished 1st, the 4 x 400 m. Relay consisting of Brailey Steward, Neely Schaaf, Christian Steuck and McKinli Mays finished 1st and the 4 x 800 m. Relay consisting of Tatum Quinlan, Riley Lee, Christian Steuck and Audrey Goatley finished 1st. The girls team competed well and ventured into different events to try and score points to defend their team title and in the end when the dust had settled, the girls team found themselves in first place as a team winning the Conference Team title for the Girls Teams.

Those that placed for the High School Boys were as follows: 100 m. Dash-Justin Brown,1st and Nathan Saderstrom,6th, 200 m. Dash-Justin Brown,1st with Will Seitz,2nd, 300 Hurdles-Kolton Nichols,3rd, 400 m. Dash-Will Seitz,1st and Wyatt Klaiber 2nd, 800 m. Run-Wyatt Klaiber,1st, Braxton Watts,2nd and Logan Fisk,3rd, 1600 m. Run-Wyatt Klaiber,1st and Braxton Watts,2nd, 3200 m. Run-Wyatt Klaiber,1st and Sylas Fletcher,5th, Shot Put-Matthew Esparza,5th, Discus-Matthew Esparza,6th, Triple Jump-Justin Brown,1st, High Jump-Will Seitz,1st, the 4 x 100 m. Relay, consisting of Nathan Saderstrom, Thomas Davenport, Sylas Fletcher and Matthew Esparza finished 5th, the 4 x 200 m. Relay consisting of Braxton Roberts, Tyler Reasoner, Thomas Davenport and Kail Bledsoe finished 4th, the 4 x 400 m. Relay consisting of Braxton Watts, Kolton Nichols, Logan Fisk and Will Seitz finished 1st and the 4 x 800 m. Relay consisting of Logan Fisk, Kolton Nichols, Braxton Watts and Sylas Fletcher finished 1st. In the end, the boys team also defended their Team Conference Title winning the 2024 Ozark Highlands Conference Team Title.

Overall, it was a great day and both teams took care of business. Now the teams set their sites on the postseason, as they will compete in the Class 3 District 7 Track Meet on Saturday, May 4.

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