The regular season has come to an end with the Bulldogs finishing with a record of 2-6. The record itself is deceiving, the Bulldogs have faced the toughest schedule in many years, as 6 of the 8 opponents will more than likely compete for a district title in their respective classifications. Coach Beckner said, “It has been a difficult season, with Covid restrictions, dealing with non-controlables, and add in a brutal schedule, it’s been hard. But football is hard, life is hard. As a program we strive to grow young men, if it was easy everyone would do it. But it is not and that is why I am extremely proud of our team. They come to work everyday and strive to get better.”

This past Friday the Bulldogs welcome the Eagles of Fair Grove, traditionally a solid program and one coming off a tremendous 2019 season. “They are a great program, with great coaches. Anytime you have tradition, a winning culture, and good coaches, it does not matter the talent level, you are going to play hard and mistake free.” The game started out with teams exchanging scores and battling back and forth. Towards the end of the first half, Fair Grove was able to capitalize on a Bulldog stalled drive by scoring going into halftime. Then would also receive the ball coming out of halftime. “Anytime you give a team a chance to score at the end of the half and then get the ball right back after halftime, it puts you in a tough position. Those are sequences in the game we didn’t do ourselves any favors.”

The Bulldogs found success both defensively and on offense but were not consistent enough at the right times to overcome the score deficit. “It is frustrating at times to see us play the right way on both sides of the ball just not at the same time. It is now a new season with districts starting the week against Clever, so we are really going to dig deep and grind this week out to get ready to play. It is supposed to be cold, rainy and not great practice weather so we are going to have to be mentally prepared for those obstacles.”

The Bulldogs finished in the district seedings as the 4th seed and will face Clever at home on Friday. “Everything fell the right way for us to jump into the 3 seed which is what we were hoping for, but it just didn’t fall that way Friday night. That’s the way it goes, but we have a great opportunity to play a Clever team who canceled on us week 2. We were one of the first teams to have a game canceled. So there should be a little more passion when we play against them.”

The game will be played at Bulldog Stadium at 7pm this Friday. Come out and help support the Bulldogs win a district game and move to the next round of play. It is win or go home time and we are not ready for the season to be over yet. Be loud and proud! Go Dogs!

Landon Murry creates a lane for running back Gaven Morgan

Ian Esry looking for a touchdown pass from Clayton Collins.

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