CHRISTIAN SCHOOL SWEEPS MOKAN TRACK FINALS – The ECHS Buffalo track teams swept the MOKAN Conference on Monday night, May 7, in El Dorado Springs, winning 1st place trophies in both the boys and girls divisions. The MOKAN Conference is made up of eight teams; ECHS, Plaza Heights, Centerplace, Overland Christian, Show Me Christian, Christian Leaning Center, Heartland and Clinton Christian.  Eight ElDo athletes qualified for the MOKAN All Conference Award; Seth McKinney, 1st, Drew Steuck 2nd, Colten Pike, 5th. Girl’s; 1st, Jordanne Steuck, 2nd Lucia Rogers, 3rd Olivia Bryson, 4th Isabelle Bryson, and 7th place, Christian Steuck. The ECHS Buffalo coaching staff – Head coaches, Drs. Mike and Cammie Housh, Kevin King, Jill Ash, and Gerrad Steuck, (track coaches and athletic directors) Travis  and  Kelly Bryson.

Pictured with Head Coach, Dr. Cammie Housh( back row); left to right; Isabelle Bryson, Breann Reasoner, Christian Steuck, Jordanne Steuck, Paris Gallette, Lucia Rogers and Olivia Bryson. Not pictured: Krystal Rodriguez.

Results – Girls: Jordanne Steuck –  1st triple jump, 1st javelin, 2nd high jump, 2nd 800m, 2nd 1600m.  MOKAN All Conference 1st place with 44 points; Lucia Rogers    1st 100m, 1st 200m, 1st 400m, 2nd triple jump, 4th long jump, MOKAN All Conference 2nd place with 43 points; Olivia Bryson – 1st 800m, 1st 1600m, 1st 3200m, 3rd triple jump, 3rd high jump, MOKAN All Conference 3rd place with 42 points; Isabelle Bryson – 1st vault, 1st long jump, 2nd 4 x 200m relay, 3rd javelin, 4th 400m, MOKAN All Conference 4th place with 33 points; Christian Steuck –  2nd 400m, 2nd 4 x 200m relay, 4th shot put, 4th discus, 5th long jump, MOKAN All Conference 7th place with 24 points; Paris Gallette –  2nd 4 x 200m relay, 6th shot put, 6th discus, 7th 100m dash; Breann Reasoner –  2nd 4 x 200m relay, 8th 200m dash; Krystal Rodriguez    5th shot put, 8th discus.

ECS BOYS EXCEL IN TRACK FINALS – Pictured with Head coaches (back row); Drs. Mike and Cammie Housh; front row; l-r: Cannon Ash, Noah Bland, Colten Pike, Drew Steuck, Seth McKinney, Noah Marsh, Rylee Bowman, and Brenton LeeMasters.

Top 8 Results: Boys: Seth McKinney –  1st 110m hurdles, 1st Javelin, 1st 300m hurdles, 1st triple, 1st vault, MOKAN All Conference 1st place with 50 points; Drew Steuck – 1st 800m, 1st 1600m, 1st 3200m, 1st shot, 2nd javelin, MOKAN All Conference 2nd place with 48 points; Colten Pike – 1st 4 x 800m relay, 1st Discus, 2nd shot, 2nd vault, MOKAN All Conference 5th place with 28.5 points; Rylee Bowman – 1st 4 x 800m relay, 3rd 400m, 5th 200m, 6th 800m; Brenton LeeMasters –  1st 4 x 800m relay, 4th 3200m, 6th 1600m, 7th 800m; Noah Marsh – 1st 4 x 800m relay, 5th 3200m, 6th Discus; Cannon Ash – 4th triple jump.

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