The Eldo Bulldogs lost a hard fought battle to Stockton on Friday, 10/14 in the Cedar County Bowl. The Bulldogs lost 16-30.  The Bulldog’s next game will be on Friday, 10/21 against Fair Grove.  The game will be the school’s annual “Senior Night” where Seniors are recognized who participated in a fall activity.

Offensive Stats:

Landon Murry (JR), 31 carries for 215 yards and 1 TD

Aidan Rotert (SO), 18 carries for 78 yards and 1 TD

Randy Baker (JR), 6 carries for 31 yards

Defensive Stats:

Blake Esparza (SO) 11 tackles

Landon Murry (JR) 8 tackles

Aiden Walker (SR) 8 tackles

Rees McCullough (JR) 7 tackles