First, I want to say thank you to all the parents for the meal.
There’s so much I could say about this year but I’ll keep it short and sweet. This was by far my most favorite year for many reasons. This group of girls always kept us coaches on our toes, they worked so hard at practice and it showed both on and off the field and they never failed to fall for Coach Cal’s silly jokes that kept us all laughing.
Thank you to the JV girls who showed up every day, worked hard to get better, but most importantly did everything and anything we asked of them. You guys truly made an impact for everyone this season.
I want to say thank you to the parents, grandparents, athletes, managers, school administration and a special thanks to Lacyn and Sage for announcing our games this season.
We gave away five awards. Highest Batting Average, Lowest Earned Runs Average, Highest
Defensive Average The Bulldog Award and MVP.
The first award is:
Highest Batting Average: This athlete hit .455 with an On Base Percentage of .528 and SLG% of .701 She led the team in hits with 35 and had 17 RBIs She had eight doubles, four triples and one homerun. These stats don’t justify the damage she did at the plate this season. She was a force to be reckoned with. Congrats to Junior Wriley Taylor.
Lowest ERA: This athlete truly made leaps and bounds this season. She had an ERA of 3.252 with 174 strike outs on 127 innings pitched. This athlete had a job to do every single day, every single game and she did just that this season!Congrats to Senior Kylie Hutsell.
Highest Defensive Average: This athlete had a fielding percentage of .981. She had 98 total chances with 3 assists and 95 total putouts. She kept the infield together with her golden glove. Congrats to Abby Larsen.
Bulldog Award: This award has so many different meanings. The bulldog award for softball goes to an athlete who is coachable, respectful of the coaching staff and her teammates. Someone who is the first one to get equipment, help set up and take down. They are always on the fence cheering on their teammates whether they are playing a role on the bench or out in the field. We believe this athlete is the true meaning of a team player. Congrats to Abbie Goulardt.
MVP: This athlete was the backbone for us, She contributed great leadership both on and off the field and exemplifies a constant effort of giving 100% day in and day out. Over the four years, she worked so hard in the off season, spent countless hours putting in the unseen work and it paid off. She displayed so much emotion whether that sometimes was good or bad, you know this athlete has a true passion and love for the game of softball. Congrats to Senior Kylie Hutsell.
I want to recognize our athletes who received honors this season. We had six athletes receive All- Conference honors.
1st Team Pitcher- Kylie Hutsell; 1st Team- Catcher- Wriley Taylor; 1st Team Outfield- Keylie Steward; 2nd Team Infield- Tenlie Steward; 2nd Team Infield- Abby Larsen; 2nd Team Utility- Lily Taylor.
We also had five girls receive All-District honors.
1st Team Catcher- Wriley Taylor; 1st Team Pitcher- Kylie Hutsell; 1st Team Infield- Tenlie Steward; 1st Team Outfield- Keylie Steward; 2nd Team Utility- Lily Taylor.
We also had four girls receive All- Region honors.
1st Team Catcher- Wriley Taylor; 2nd Team Pitcher- Kylie Hutsell; 2nd Team Outfield- Keylie Steward; 2nd Team Infield- Tenlie Steward.
Congrats to these athletes this is a huge accomplishment.
A special thanks to Coach Calbert for everything he’s done for myself and the team this year. He spent many hours after practice working with pitchers, hitting ground balls or pop flies and throwing BP to any athlete that wanted to stay after. He is a big part of our success every single year and we are lucky to have him!
Also thank you to our great managers Kaden Hutsell, Gracen Floyd, Lacyn Perridn and Sage McCoullough.

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