ElDo volleyball has been in full swing the past couple weeks.  We are currently 7-0 in the regular season, and 3-0 in Conference play.  The Varsity will travel to the Strafford Tournament on Saturday to take on some tough competition.

Stat Leaders:

vs. Lockwood

Serving %-Reese Schaaf, Tristyn Marshall, Brooke Ehlers-100%

Service Receptions-Tristyn Marshall-11

Kills-Tevi Gurley, Reese Schaaf-7

Blocks-Dani Ogle, Macie Mays, Reese Schaaf-1

Assists-Reese Schaaf-7

Aces-Reese Schaaf-4

Digs-Tevi Gurley -15

vs. Nevada

Serving %-Tevi Gurley, Tristyn Marshall, Reese Schaaf, Dani Ogle-100%

Service Receptions-Tristyn Marshall-17

Kills-Reese Schaaf-8

Blocks-Dani Ogle-2

Assists-Tevi Gurley-8

Aces-Reese Schaaf-2

Digs-Tristyn Marshall 14

vs. Lamar

Serving %-Tristyn Marshall, Reese Schaaf-100%

Service Receptions-Taylor York-15

Kills-Tevi Gurley-12

Assists-Reese Schaaf-14

Aces-Macie Mays-2

Digs-Tristyn  Marshall 8

vs. Sherwood

Serving %-

Service Receptions-

Kills-Tevi Gurley, Reese Schaaf-8

Blocks-Tevi Gurley-2

Assists-Tevi Gurley-13

Aces-Tevi Gurley, Dani Ogle, Reese Schaaf-1

Digs-Tevi Gurley-10

vs. Warsaw

Serving %-Tristyn Marshall-100%

Service Receptions-Tristyn Marshall-11

Kills-Reese Schaaf-11

Blocks-Tevi Gurley, Macie Mays-1

Assists-Tevi Gurley-11

Aces-Kenley Widener-4

Digs-Tristyn Marshall-8