By Aubrey Lundy, 9 – On September 26, the El Dorado Springs Middle School football team traveled to Butler and won 12-30. The team was pumped for the win – especially with Ayden Bruce’s early run in touchdown, which really set the pace for the team.

Dill Francis (7) said, “Our team could’ve done better on running to the right but we did good blocking.”

Coach Bill Gray said, “We played well by executing on offense and defense. Our team has most improved throughout the season on execution and maturing.”

The following week, the team had a double header planned against Sherwood and Nevada.

Yep, you heard that right. The EMS football team played a double header on Tuesday, October 3. The first game was against Sherwood, where the boys absolutely blew them out of the water. The final score was 42-0.

Next, our B Team met up with Nevada on the field. With a huge team and fresh lungs, Nevada was able to pull a win off our Bulldogs.

Their final game was Tuesday, Oct. 10 at home versus Clever.

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