by Clayton Hathaway, 9

We had a wonderful home Track meet on April 9, 2024. Both the Boys and Girls teams did amazing. Both Will Sietz and Braylie Steward both would set new school records.

I asked some Track Athletes, what is the biggest challenge and how they overcome these challenges. Thomas Davenport (9) said his biggest challenge is his competitors and the way he overcomes these challenges is by “doing better than them all.”

Riley Lee (9) said her biggest challenge is running through the pain and the way she overcomes these challenges is by “working hard at practice and pushing through the pain.”

I asked how these athletes stay focused and motivated during practice. The way Shane Fletcher (9) stays motivated is by “going home after practice.” The way Levi Moore (9) stays motivated is by “listening to music.”

“The athletes who are committed and want to see success will want to be at practice everyday if they can so the coaches can help them and we can set personalized goals along the way,” said Coach Goatley.

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