Back-to-Back tournaments in not new to members of Team VDK Elite Karate Team and representing El Dorado Springs Karate Club they traveled to Kansas City, Kansas last weekend and competed in the Jill Leiker’s 36th Annual Midwest Open Karate Championships.

Many competitors from across the Nation was there to compete in this prestigious Tournament. Weeks of long hours of training went in to preparing for this tournament and the level of tough competition that it is known for. But with continued dedication and hard work it was a great day for Competition for Team VDK.

Addison Taylor competed in the 10-11 Youth Novice Division.  Addison placed 2nd in the Traditional Weapons/Kubudo Division, 2nd in the Open Hand Kata/Forms Division and 4th in Girls Sparring. Congratulations Addison. You make us Proud.

Jacey competed in the 8-9 Youth Intermediate Division. Jacey placed 1st in Traditional Weapons/Kubudo Division and 1st in Open Hand Forms/Kata Division. Congratulations Jacey, keep up the good work.

Hunter Malensek the Advanced and Senior Member of Team VDK Elite also competed at the tournament. Hunter competed in the 12-13 Youth Advanced Division. Hunter placed 1st in Traditional Weapons/Kubudo Division, 1st in Open Hand Forms/Kata Division.

Pictured: left to right: Hunter Malensek, Jacey Swopes and Addison Taylor. Instructor and Coach Riaan Van Dyk in back.

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