by Riaan Van Dyk

Two members from El Dorado Springs Karate Club representing Team VDK Elite competed in the 2019 KC Challenge & WAKO National Championships sanctioned by NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association). The newly renovated HYVEE Center in Kansas City played host to this event that drew competitors from all over North America.

It was a busy two days of tough top class competition but Team VDK represented themselves well and left it all out on the mats and brought home some very impressive hardware and many lessons learned.

Jacey Swopes competed in the 10-11 Youth Advanced Traditional Weapons Division and place 1st in this tough and stacked division. She then competed in the Youth 10-11 Advanced Forms Division and placed 1st. Jacey then competed in the 17& Under Forms Grand Champion Runoff and beat a talented pool of martial artists to claim the KC Challenge 17 & Under Advanced Forms Grand Champion Title.

Hunter Malensek competed in the 14-15 Black Belt Boys Traditional Weapons and Forms Divisions and won a well earned 1st Place in both. He also won a 1st in the Boys Sparring Division. Hunter then competed in the 13 – 17 Boys WKF Elite Kata Challenge and placed a well deserved 2nd.

We are very proud of these youngsters and of their growth and accomplishments. We want to thank our supporters and sponsors, those individuals and businesses in our community that are helping these youngster work and reach toward their goals and dreams.

HUNTER MALENSEK – Jumps to belt division


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