Terrific ten cheer Buffalos 3 cc

TERRIFIC TEN CHEER BUFFALOS – Let’s Go Buffalos, LET’S GO!    The “Terrific Ten” are full of energy and have cheered for their Buffalos at every home game this season.  The crowd enjoys their sweet smiles and the players appreciate the encouragement.  The Jr. Buffalos 2016-17 Cheer Squad Sponsor is Mrs. Angie Batson; Cheer Coach is Mrs. Ashley Rodgers.  Pictured; front row (from left)):  Shay Linsenmeyer, Avery Rodgers, Alayna Gingerich and Amelia Blackburn;  (back row)  Alli Redburn, Nellie Dresch, Lily George, Piper Spencer and Allie Wood.  Not pictured:  Taylor Barnes.

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