Three competitors from El Dorado Springs competed in the Heartland Junior Open Tournament 11/17/18 in Springfield. This tournament in mainly for kids as the top age able to compete at the tournament is 17 years old. All three competitors were representing Team Heartland and Next Level Sport Karate. This is the last tournament for all three for 2018. All the competitors looked to end 2018 on a high note.

Taylin Oberly competed in the 10-11 year old intermediate division. Taylin was in a strong division and was able to come out 2nd in traditional forms and in 1st in open hand forms. Taylin was going to be the only one in her division for sparring, so instead of taking the guaranteed win, she asked to move up to the advanced division. Taylin fought 3 fights in the advanced division and came out in 1st place for sparring. Taylin also did an exhibition fight against a competitor in the beginners division as the girl in the beginners division was the only one in her division as well. Taylin competed in the 17 and under intermediate grand championships, where she finished in 2nd place, just missing out on the grand championship by a few points. It was a great day for Taylin, coming home with 2-1st places and 1-2nd place.

Jenna Runkle competed in the 8-9 year old beginners division. This is the 2nd consecutive tournament that Jenna has competed in while in a walking boot for her broken foot. While in the walking boot Jenna is not able to spar, so she has been competing in traditional forms and weapons. Jenna competed in the traditional forms division coming in 1st place. She then competed in the open hands form division coming in 2nd place. Jenna competed in the 17 and under beginners division grand championship, but came up a little short in winning grands. It has been a good couple of weeks competing after missing multiple tournaments with a broken foot. It was a great day for Jenna coming home with a 1st place and 2nd place medal.

Jordan Runkle competed in the 6-7 year old intermediate division. The 6-7 year old traditional weapons division was intermediate and advanced belts combined. Jordan finished in 2nd place in traditional weapons. In the 6-7 year old intermediate forms division Jordan finished in 1st place. Jordan competed in sparring, but had no other competitors in his division, so he did an exhibition fight against the advanced division, winning 1st place in sparring. Jordan also competed in flag sparring. Again he was the only intermediate competitor, so he went against advanced competitors. The flag sparring ended in a tie, which resulted in Jordan winning 1st place. Jordan then went and competed in the 17 and under intermediate division grand championship. Jordan had a strong showing in the division, but came up short in the end. All in all it was a great day with 3-1st places and 1-2nd place.

All three kids would again like to thank all family, friends, and local supporters of them. They are working hard and the 2nd half of 2018 has shown all that hard work paying off as they have been on a roll. The kids would also like to thank their instructor Richard Osborn Jr. and their assistant instructor Dustin Stapp. Without them helping them grow and believing in their abilities, they could not have done what they have the 2nd half of 2018. They are blessed to have them teaching them and allowing them to grow and excel in their craft. The kids will look to keep training hard and have set some high goals for themselves in 2019. With all the support that they have, the kids know they can achieve the goals that they have place on themselves.