The ElDo Bulldogs lost to the Sherwood Marksmen in their homecoming game on Friday, 10/3. It was a hard fought contest and the Dogs came up just short, losing 14-10. The Bulldogs are now 1-6 on the season and will play the Stockton Tigers this Friday. Senior, Montana Hacker won homecoming king.

Offensive Stats:

Landon Murry (JR), 24 carries for 117 yards

Aidan Rotert (SO), 18 carries for 125 yards and 1 TD

Jude Wyant (JR), 1 for 1 FG and 1 for 1 PAT

Defensive Stats:

Ben Schmidt (FR) 9 tackles

Landon Murry (JR) 8 tackles, 1 fumble recovery

Blake Esparza (SO) 7 tackles, 1 forced fumble

Matthew Esparza (JR) 7 tackles