by Lana Sue Jones

The April 8 meeting of the   Twentieth Century Club was hosted by Pauline Simone and co-hosted by Dorothy Foster.

The year book committee reported that the signup sheet was finished and the topic will be food/cooking for the coming year. Old business was a review about our May trip and to finalize the plans. New business was the discussion about our August brunch, POP donation and increase of dues in August.

The opinion, given by Ruth Woody, was about the fact that children need extra food in the home and students are given back packs of food to help with this need.

Entertainment was provided by Sandi Eaves. She had the members make a list of vegetables using the word April, and a list of flowers/trees out of the word April.

Glenda Baker provided the program about author Robert A. Heinlein. He was born in Butler and became a retired navel officer, aeronautical engineer, and a science-fiction author. He used scientific accuracy in his fiction and non-fiction works. He published 32 novels and 59 short stories. With his works he became a dean of science fiction writers.  He wrote many quotes on all subjects and some examples are; “ A critic” is a man who creates nothing “Belief” gets in the way of learning, and “Love” is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

The May meeting was our trip to Nevada to tour the Bushwacker museum, jail, and Norman metal works. Our August meeting will be the brunch to start the year.