City Manager compliments city crew

Posted March 7, 2013 at 9:25 am

During the regular session of the El Dorado Springs City Council meeting on Monday, March 4, City Manager Bruce Rogers commended the snow removal efforts by the city’s Street Department. Rogers said that the Street Crew began at 10:30 p.m. the day of the snowfall and worked until 3 p.m. the next day. Councilman Bland said that a business man had complimented the street crew’s efforts. Council Floyd said that his niece and nephew that had recently moved here from Texas were quiet impressed with the efforts to clear the streets quickly. Rogers also said that a few citizens were disgruntled that the snow was not removed from their driveways, but Rogers indicated that with approximately 2,200 utility accounts that correspond to the approximate number of driveways within the city limits, removing snow from driveways is not practical. He said that the crews worked to clear the street for 16 straight hours.

Besides Rogers, Bland and Floyd, Mayor Brad True and Councilmen Jerry Friar and Jerry Baldwin were also present.

Rogers said that the basketball tournament this past weekend was successful with thirty- five teams participating. The tournament brought in $7,495.25 in revenue. With expenses of $3,612, the net profit was $3,883.25. The money goes into the recreation fund.

Rogers said that the city has received 102 budget-billing applications and approximately 90 will approved. That’s up from 84 last year.

Rogers told the council that he had assisted Evans Drug in preparing a grant application to fund a recycling program. The company, from Butler, that previously collected the recyclables had discontinued the program. If the grant is successful, Evans Drugs will be able to purchase two 20 ft trailers with the recycling bins. The material would be taken to the Vernon County Recycling Center.

The refinancing which was approved at the last council meeting was officially completed on February 28. The financing will save the city approximately $870,000 over the remaining life of the outstanding certificates. The certificates had financed the Civic Center and water system improvements..

Rogers said that Building and Grounds Director John Burrus would like to replace the bandstand’s shake shingle roof this year. He said some of the shingles were rotten and growing mold.

Floyd said that on Main Street the state had left some high snow banks at the corner of Pine where the city had also left high snow banks. It presented a problem for the children walking to school. He said he had called Rogers about the problem and 15 minutes later the city was working on clearing a path for the children to access the sidewalk.