Roscoe 3rd quarter honor roll

Posted April 4, 2013 at 12:28 pm

PREMIER DISTINCTION MERIT – Allison Piatt, at student of El Dorado Springs High School, has accomplished an outstanding achievement in the National Forensics League (NFL) for high school students. The NFL League has a merit points system and points are received for audience speaking engagements, judging novice tournaments, coaching others, theatrical performance/competitions. Piatt has been an NFL member all four years of high school and she had achieved the highest degree of student membership possible for a high school student. She ended her senior year with 1,701 points; and anything received over 1,500 points is given a “Premier Distinction Merit” title. Piatt competed in three state competitions and was ranked in the top three places, all three years in four-speaker debate. Each year, fewer than 500 high school students achieve “Premier Distinction” status, placing them among the top half of one percent of League members. This accomplishment reflects sustained excellence in classroom activities, competition round, dedication, self-set goals and service project. Allison Piatt is the daughter of Tonya and Troy Piatt and the granddaughter of Ava and Don Phipps.

A honor roll

3rd grade

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