The Rock Wall

Posted May 16, 2013 at 9:34 am

It’s May 14 and people are still finding morel mushrooms. I went out Saturday to plant some mushroom seeds and came back with 10 nice morels. Kimball sliced, washed, floured and fried about half of them for us Saturday night and some more Sunday night.

And we have several left from earlier. Kimball has started frying up mushrooms and freezing them. They thaw out really well in the skillet.

The two big problems to finding mushroom now are the eight legged guard dogs and heavy growth. People who are finding a lot more than I find are looking under cedar trees. I keep the guard dogs at bay with an aerosol spray containing pymithrin, or something close to that. It is so strong that you spray your clothes and let them dry before putting them on. It kept ticks off of me during the floods and blizzard of turkey season. I think the brand of my can is Duranon. I’ve seen it as Permanon.

Back to planting mushrooms, I’ve never heard of it except the tradition of carrying mushrooms in a mesh bag to spread spores. Here’s what I tried: I put mushroom scraps in a blender with some water out of a bottle (not tap water) and made a fairly thin slurry which I put into a water bottle with an ice pick hole in the cap. I then sprinkled the slurry in spots that looked mushroomy including where I found the 10. I’ll let you know in a year or two if anything happens. Of course, while I was finding 10, a friend of our found 40. And on the previous Saturday, while I happened onto two, the friend found 37. So I may just need to find better mushroom patches, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

– I interviewed Tori Fugate on the phone Tuesday while she was in a two-hour wait in JFK airport. The little rescued pooch, Kia, was napping beside her.

And how did a 12 week old three pound (now five pound) Terrier/Schnauzer mix get that name? Well, they wanted to name her after a car and didn’t know at the time she was locked up for a month in a Surburban. Harold told me this, not Tori, they picked the name of a small car.

– Gotta run to a track sports banquet. Catch you next week. KL