The Rock Wall

Posted May 30, 2013 at 9:30 am

Tuesday morning the flashing sign on Hwy. H at Hwy. 82 said, “River bridge closed. Take alt. route.” We ran an article last week that said the Osage River bridge at Taberville will be closed for a month or so.

– There’s a City Wide Garage Sale this weekend. The police chief has given you some tips to survive it.

– At the last ambulance board meeting, Board Member Robert Matney had put a complaint on the agenda about the signs CMH painted on the ambulances. He said he wanted them to put “Cedar

County” back on them.

When a gentleman had a medical problem at church Sunday, I was sitting where I could see the driver’s side of the ambulance while the two ambulance attendants were doing their work. I guess I was a little surprised to see “Cedar County” on the driver’s side door in blue and black letters at least eight inches tall. And on the side of the “box,” the big brownish letters list Cedar, Polk and Hickory.

By the way, the ambulance arrived in a timely manner. The two attendants were professional and courteous. The first thing the male attendant did was radio to cancel the helicopter he had evidently ordered while en route.

I think it was the female attendant who asked the family if they wanted to go to Cedar County Memorial. They did.

After they assessed the condition of the patient, with the help of several men in the congregation, the ambulance crew soon had the gentleman loaded onto the “ambulance bed” as they called it and got him over the rocky, uneven church yard and uneventfully into the ambulance.

– Mary True loves to fish, but she doesn’t like to retrieve her hook out of the mouth of bullheads she and Brad catch at the Lamar lake. So, she just disengages the line from the hook and gets the hook after Brad cleans the fish. Mary prefers the crappie she catches like the 14 incher this time. Bullheads are Brads’s favorite so he appreciated the three big ones she caught Friday. After Brad had skinned, filleted and cut up one big one, Mary reached in its mouth to get her hook back. Like to not have gotten her finger back.