Jerico Springs celebrates with 132nd Picnic

Posted June 13, 2013 at 10:37 am

Jerico Spring 132nd Picnic 3 cc.tif

JERICO PICNIC EASY LISTENING – The group, Four Simple Gifts, gave those who attended the 132nd Jerico Springs Picnic Saturday morning, June 8, the gift of easy listening music. Friday and Saturday evening, J&J Geezers (Joe Willis and John Zazuliak) made music with their plunger fiddle and bedpan guitar. The Community Club sold their turkey and ham dinners.

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JERICO SPRINGS POKER RUN – Wayne Sprenkle, Joplin, brings friends back to the community each year where his grandparents lived and his parents still do. Twenty-five to thirty bikers “from all over” made the poker run. There was one slight mishap when rain-washed gravel caused a bike to go off the road, which was not a problem until the bike encountered a log which the rain had washed into the ditch. One lady reportedly broke her collar bone, but the couple say they will be back next year, Bernice Sprenkle, Wayne’s mother, said.