The Rock Wall

Posted June 27, 2013 at 9:46 am

Davis is scheduled to come home Thursday. You may have to introduce him to us as we haven’t seen him in six months or so.

I tried to call him to ask if he is still coming up for the Picnic with Adrian, but his “mailbox is full and can’t accept any messages.” He keeps it that way intentionally to keep from getting annoying messages which may include those from parents. But he didn’t say that.

Davis, at last report, Adrian, and her friend, Cain, plan to compete in the Run for a Reason. I don’t run for a reason.

– The moon was bright Sunday night, but I wasn’t bright enough to judge if it was 13% closer and 30% brighter. Kimball and I drove down the driveway and positioned the camera so there was a tree in front of the moon otherwise it would have looked like someone said hers did – like a headlight. Some of our first ones looked like that. I think we used one of Kimball’s shots. She’s the artist.

I’m the technician, sometimes. Camera kept balking at shooting in the dark. Refused to focus until I reset it by removing the batteries. Then it gave an error code. Took the batteries out again. Finally, the camera and Kimball were happy campers.

– Let’s see now, it’s just three weeks until the Picnic will set up. Someone told me today that the 90+ degrees we call hot now, would be a welcome relief when the Picnic gets here.

– I had a question for Football Coach Harv Welch today and called his friend, Jay Farris, to see if he had a cell phone number. He didn’t but seemed to have Harv’s number, if you know what I mean. I told Jay that Harv came into the office the other day and in the absence of Jay, started roughing me up verbally. Jay said he is like that. I told Jay that I couldn’t read part of Harv’s handwritten press release. Jay said that was intentional. So, Jay and I rewrote the parts I couldn’t decipher. I’ll print it that way next week if Harv doesn’t read this and get back with me with changes. Could make for interesting football plays.