I believe in internal clocks. I’m having trouble resetting mine to have my chat with you on the Rock Wall on Monday after doing it on Tuesday for nearly 40 years. Now this week, the boss says I have to do it on Friday night and again next week. That is just weird.

Some of you may remember Bob, our little no tail Pekinese. When we had her, we were staying with Mom and Dad. They came in every Wednesday to help us get the paper out and Bob always came with them. During the rest of the week, Bob never made a move or asked to get into Dad and Mom’s pickup. But on Wednesday morning, she was rearing to go.  Dad would back his pickup up to the loading dock when we were across the street at 122 North Main and he or Mom would get Bob up the back steps and in the back door. 

Kimball would see them coming, drop to her knees and say, “Bobbers.” Bob would run the length of the office and pile full tilt into Kimball’s lap.

Now, we babysit Davis’ dog, Caddee. She sleeps quietly in Kimball’s easy chair until Kimball starts to get ready for bed and says, “Caddee, it’s time to go out.” The dog obediently hops out of her comfortable chair and heads for the north door, goes outside and barks to scare away all the boogers. When she has finished her “chores” she barks to get back in.

One day, Caddeaux, our half Persian and half American Shorthair, took a liking to the blanket Kimball had put in Caddee’s chair and bedded down there. Caddee couldn’t stand it and finally jumped over the chair arm and spent the rest of the day sharing the chair with Caddeaux.

– For those of you who keep track of Adrian, she and her family – husband Cain, two year old Van and three month old Snider – drove Friday from their home in Baton Rouge to his parents’ house in Lake Providence, LA. They plan to spend Saturday there then drive to Branson on Sunday or early Monday. Then they plan to drive on to El Dorado Springs.

This will be the first time we have met Snider who was born Sept. 9.

It will take some getting used to calling him by Kimball’s maiden name kinda like it took a while to get accustomed to calling our daughter by her Grandpa Adrian’s first name. 

I think the plan is for them to start back late Christmas day or the day after. Cain always wants to be early. Not a bad trait.

I’m anxious for the cousins to meet. I guess Van saw Reese when he was up here, but Snider hasn’t seen or been seen by anybody up here.

Yes, we are going to have a house full of four grandkids. Every gun will be unloaded and ammo out of sight or out of reach.  That’s a good way to stay calm.

We’re about to find out what Grandma Boultinghouse endured with 15 grandkids and Grandma and Grandpa Long with five. Looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas to one and all. I hope it leaves you with that feeling of quiet satisfaction and peace. KL