Ambulance Board hires clerk

Posted July 18, 2013 at 12:13 pm

At the Monday, July 15, monthly meeting of the Cedar County Ambulance Board in the El Dorado Springs facility, the board accepted the bid for clerk services from Tamara L. Ringler, Jerico Springs, for $125 per month.

The only other bid was from Nadine Sinclair, Stockton, for $350 per month plus 50 cents per mile.

The board received a letter from Donald J. Babb, chief executive officer of Citizens Memorial Hospital: “Paragraph 2a of our contract to furnish ambulance service to the Cedar County Ambulance District calls for an annual review and adjustment, if necessary. We have reviewed the run volumes, revenues and expenses and found them to be close to our forecasted amounts. Therefore, we feel that the amount per the contract of $238,702.50 for 2014 compensation is appropriate.”

The board received a contact from A&J Power Systems wanting to service both back up electrical generators (El Dorado Springs and Stockton) for $180 each. Neal Taylor, head of ambulances for CMH, told the board that CMH will take care of the expense.

In his manager’s report, Chris Loderhose, who was not present, reported that there were 149 calls for service in June – 83 in El Dorado Springs and 66 in Stockton.

Loderhose reported that CMH has installed the new windsock at the Stockton heli-pad.

In her financial report, CPA Kalena Kenney Bruce reported that as of July 10, the district had $577,414.74 cash on hand, up nearly $20,000 over a year earlier. Total assets of the district were $1.428 million, up nearly $128,000 over a year earlier.

Total sales tax for June was $40,218.62. Total revenues so far in 2013 are $223,937 which is $210 above the amount budgeted or about 49% of the $458,200 budgeted for 2013.

Under new business, the board discussed by-law revisions. Board Chairman Dennis Winston had contacted the board’s attorney, Frank Foster, with a concern that some of the by-laws Foster had approved earlier cite state statutes which do not apply to ambulance districts. Foster had replied confirming that his earlier approval was in error. The statutes apply to an emergency services board, not to an ambulance district.

Winston said, “So we need to remove them from our bylaws.”

Both Sue Rice and Dennis Winston had submitted proposals for a Sunshine Law policy.

Rice was asked to combine the proposals and bring them to the August meeting. At that time the board will also vote on the by-law chances because of the requirement for advance notice.

The board discussed remodeling the downstairs of the El Dorado Springs facility

to provide room for a board office. Board members were asked to bring their list to the next meeting so the board can advertise for bids.

Board Member Robert Matney brought up his item he had put on the agenda to take ambulance vendor bids now. The contact with CMH runs for several more years. Winston made the only comment, “I’ll refrain from saying anything for obvious reasons.”

The board will ask a “concrete guy” to look at the wash out in the El Dorado Springs barn driveway to give specs for taking bids on replacing the asphalt with concrete.

Secretary/Treasurer Wes Spinks said he had not prepared the tentative agenda in time to send it to the media for the past two months. He said he would send it in the future. He asked the press to give him their requests in writing relative to deadlines and requirements so he could keep them in a file for future reference by anyone who fills that position.

All board members were present: Don Fugate, Matney, Winston, John Wilson, Spinks and Rice.