Coach: Bulldogs look good at jamboree

Posted August 29, 2013 at 11:31 am

The newly revamped El Dorado Springs Bulldog football team under the leadership of veteran coach Harv Welch more than held up their end of the bargain in the football jamboree at Springfield Catholic last Friday night.

On Monday, Coach Welch told the Sun, “Overall, I think we were a little bit pleased.” Coach Welch seems to be very conservative with his praise, probably to keep the players at maximum effort.

“Of course, we are never totally satisfied, but we got out of it what we wanted. The kids competed well. Not that anybody counts the score, but I think we beat Fair Grove 12-6. Our JV beat Miller varsity 12-6. And we tied Catholic 12-12. So we were very competitive in every quarter.”

“Our offense moved the ball better than I thought it would. Our defense is very suspect, so we are doing a major overhaul this week on some defensive things. And all that stuff is fixable. I think we can go back and make things better.”

Q. Do you have game film so the players can see what they did?


Q. Did you shore up any positions?

“Maybe a couple, but we still have a couple that need to be solidified. We are still not satisfied or solidified at quarterback and we have an offensive line and a defensive line position or two that we need to solidify and maybe one secondary spot.”

“But overall, the kids came out and performed admirably. We didn’t have our deer in the headlights syndrome that we had in the Red/Black scrimmage.”

Q. Did everybody want to play this time? You said that in the Red/Black scrimmage several kids declined to go in when asked and you told every player to get in the scrimmage if they hadn’t played, to go tap somebody on the shoulder and replace them. So if they didn’t get in the scrimmage, it was their fault.”

“Yes, we had good participation. Every kid, as far s I know, got to play in the jamboree – every kid that went down there. We took 46 or 47 down there.”

“It was a good outing for the Bulldogs for our first outing. We’ve come a long ways, but we’ve got a lot longer ways to go.”

Q. Do you have to trim the roster or do you keep all you want?

“We’ll take 40 more if we can get them. Never trim.”