The Rock Wall

Posted January 2, 2014 at 9:30 am

Having a mid-week Christmas isn’t so bad. It actually helps you totally blow off Thursday and Friday and slide right into the weekend. I hope yours was very Merry – all five days of it.

That’s really not the case with a mid-week New Year’s Day. It’s time to straighten up and fly right, get those resolutions going and make plans for a healthy and happy 2014. And I hope it is.

That mini ice storm we had before Christmas was kinda pretty. I told someone at the front counter that I had several downed limbs in my yard. I had to back-up and start over with that statement. What fell out of the trees didn’t land in my yard. They landed in my drive. Everyone of those five big branches created an obstacle course around my house all the way to the road. And guess what? They’re still there. Some have been pushed out of the way, some have been run over and others have helped me develop alternate paths to the road. If limbs keep falling in the same spots I can create a village of forts and maybe…never mind.

After an unsettling and luckily brief experience at a restaurant in Springfield, I want to say El Dorado Springs has a great group of eating establishments with great wait staffs. Davis and I were looking for a place to eat on Christmas day and after driving around for about 30 minutes, settled on a place just because we were hungry. We were just going to look at the menu when a patron of sorts, who I later referred to as wearing his jammies, jumped off a stool and yelled, “Fifteen minutes and no waitress, no water and no menu. I demand to be seated right now.” We didn’t get a menu either. We left.

Our little menagerie (one dog and three cats) is thriving. Davis’s dog Caddee is afraid of Caddeaux. Bella is afraid of Caddee and Bellevue is afraid of Bella. You will notice that Caddeaux isn’t afraid of anything – except getting lost in his own house which happens occasionally. My only concern right now is this sudden attraction between Caddee and Bellevue. According to Davis, Caddee likes to mother small animals, so we have the three year-old, 30 pound mutt attracted to the ten year-old 4 pound Exotic. Caddee needs to know that, when annoyed, Bellevue can swat you at the speed of light with all her tiny little claws exposed.

Have a happy and great new year.