Friends of Library more than name

Posted March 13, 2014 at 4:53 pm

A group of about 120 local citizens work year round to improve the services and the facilities at the El Dorado Springs branch of the Cedar County Library.

The treasurer of the group, Janice Carter, said the group formed in 1994 and has grown every year.

At this time of the year, the group is more visible with their “Friends of the Library Valentine project” which they started in 1995.

Ms. Carter said the Friends of the Library takes all the orders. They furnish the vase and make all the deliveries. She said that the flower shop provides the flower, the bow, the card and the greeting to go in it.

She said, “Then we split the proceeds with them.”

We sell them for $10. They get five and we get five.

She said, “We usually make around $1,500.” She said that some people just make donations “and we keep all of that.”

Out of that money, Friends of the Library buys almost all of the periodicals (subscriptions) for the library. “We also pay for the library to be cleaned every other week. We pay for an annual deep cleaning of the library. We pay to have the carpets cleaned once a year. We buy books for the library.”

“The tax money has to be split between Stockton and El Dorado Springs. We are able to help our library have a few extra things that maybe couldn’t be afforded. Stockton also has a Friends of the Library. They are not as active as we are.”

“In the beginning our goal was to help find a new location for the library. We did that. The district paid some but we paid for most of the renovation on the library.”

“We have a nine person board that meets monthly. We have an annual meeting once per year. We start our membership drive in April and run it for a few months for businesses and individuals.”

“This year we are partners with Alli’s Floral. I’ve been treasurer since 1996.”

“We do a lot for the community. We essentially work for the El Dorado Springs library. We will start our membership drive in April. People can say, ‘Yes,’ when we call up and ask if they want to be a member again.”